Personal Experiences

Over the weekend, I went to a Barnes & Noble. I find it strange that people have “unpopularized” libraries, if you will, but still go to book stores with coffee shops and such to work on personal things. While I completely understand the temptation, because I do this myself, it’s funny to think that libraries could serve the same purpose. Anyway, I’m mentioning this because as I think about my project, I almost felt guilty looking at the section that features the Nook and the new tablets. This made me realize though, how important it is for my final website to argue both sides. The temptation to have a Kindle or Nook or table is strong and constantly pushed in our faces. However, I still think that the physical copy of the book is more rewarding.

I work for STAR-NY, which is a online tutoring program, where I help students edit their papers. More than a few times, I’ve told students that something they wrote is grammatically incorrect, and once they fix it they say, “but Word says it should be the other way” or something along those lines. And it’s completely shocking and sad that many of us don’t even think for ourselves anymore — if a machine says it’s correct, then it must be so. I think, as I’ve said before, we are too dependent on technology. Perhaps this isn’t directly related to artistry or e-books, but technology is becoming so invasive in our lives that we don’t think twice about what’s actually right. I don’t know anyone who cites anything without a website generator that does it for you. I do the same, but I also check mine over. Most people have no idea what it should look like without the generator. As I’ve been working on this project, I realize more and more each day just how invasive technology feels to me.

While e-books, self-publishing, nooks, etc. are all good and advance the publishing industry, I think we shouldn’t forget paperbacks, traditional publishers, and (old-fashioned) thinking for ourselves without having a computer tell us how to do something. So I think both these experiences showed me both sides of this argument and made me realize how I could possibly piece together my website.


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